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ConsensusDOCS 750 - Contract Between Contractor and Subcontractor

March 6, 2009

The ConsensusDOCS 750 is a fair and balanced subcontract agreement between a Contractor and Subcontractor.  For a free excerpted sample, please visit www.agc.org/Bookstore.  The document includes provisions regarding the parties' respective responsibilities, scheduling, payment, indemnity, insurance, dispute resolution and more. 

ConsensusDOCS are the first and only standard contract documents that were written by and for the construction industry.  The documents are written in clear language that provides a superior contractual foundation by incorporating best practices and fair risk allocation.  ConsensusDOCS are the only standard contract documents endorsed by 22 leading industry associations.  For more information about ConsensusDOCS, visit www.agc.org/contracts.