AGC Federal Report

GSA Submits $5.5 Billion Economic Recovery Plan to Congress

April 2, 2009

GSA has unveiled a $5.5 billion project list that highlights the unprecedented role the agency will play in assisting in the nation's economic recovery and putting American citizens back to work. Projects are funded across the country, providing benefit for local and state economies, and every state should see at least one GSA project related to the Recovery Act.


A breakdown of GSA's Recovery Funding reveals:

· $4.5 billion: Federal building conversion to high-performance green spaces

· $750 million: Federal building and courthouse renovations

· $300 million: Fuel-efficient vehicles

· $300 million: Land ports of entry renovation and construction

GSA will also help other agencies best utilize their Recovery Act dollars, and manage, which provides transparency and accountability to the American public.


AGC will continue working with GSA and our other agency partners as implementation of the Recovery act continues.

For additional about GSA's Recovery plans, visit:

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